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Kitchenmatic was recommended to me by a friend. An appointment was booked Maz arrived on time. Very polite professional young man who listened to what I wanted and set about designing my dream kitchen. I was very impressed. Very happy with the cost too… Customer service excellent highly recommended. Thanks Kitchenmatic.
– Brian, Walsall

My kitchen was outdated, drab, and just plain unsightly, but that all changed once my new kitchen was designed and installed by Kitchenmatic. I now have a beautiful kitchen to prepare regular family meals in, as well as a host of entertaining space for the additional family members we invite over for the holidays. Thanks Maz!
– Mandy, Acocks Green, Birmingham

I called Kitchenmatic because I was unhappy with the layout of my kitchen. It lacked functionality where I needed it most! I had very little counter space, nowhere near enough cabinets, and was just oddly laid out with the refrigerator placed against an outside wall, far from the sink or stove. One call to Kitchenmatic is all I needed to realise the love I could feel for my kitchen, they provided a professional quote, a digital view of what I could expect, they met everything on my checklist, and did the work in what seemed like no time. Great work guys!
– Rebecca, Quinton, Birmingham

As an older couple, we wanted to prepare our home for sale. We were planning to downsize to a smaller living space and wanted to get the most out of our sale by investing in a few repairs. We called Maz at Kitchenmatic and were given the ability to capitalize on our investment by upgrading the kitchen! The process was simplified with an onsite visit, full measurements, a digital rendering, and an installation that was non-intrusive of our daily lives. Thanks Maz for helping us improve our homes value!
– Mr & Mrs Jenkins, Four Oaks, Birmingham

I’m a first-time homebuyer and I wasn’t happy with my kitchen, I was scared to upgrade more than the appliances because I didn’t know what else could be changed. My friend referred me to Jay, and he said they’d be able to help me get the kitchen I wanted. Guess what… THEY DID! I now have an amazing kitchen that I am happy to cook in! I am impressed with how professional and polite the installer was, and how knowledgeable they were, they told me what to expect from each phase of the process, and when the work was completed, they had performed just as they said they would! Well Done?
– Kelly, Great Barr, Birmingham

My worktops had become stained, cracked, and unsightly, along with a leaking tap, stained sink, and cabinets that were beginning to sag. I’m a single mother and don’t know the first thing about these type of repairs. I did know what I wanted my kitchen to look like though, I knew that I wanted granite worktops that would last, I wanted high end appliances, I wanted to cook like a chef, and have storage options for my food and dishes. I got everything I wanted, thanks to Kitchenmatic.
– Linda, Erdington, Birmingham

My husband and I recently purchased a new home, however there was one very large eyesore that we just had to deal with, the kitchen! It was ugly! We had walked into a beautiful 5 bedroom home, where everything was hitting our checklist… until we entered the kitchen! Flashback into the 1950’s with retro cabinets, a very large, very heavy farmhouse sink, and nowhere to put anything! After seeing the beauty of the rest of the home, where we were already in love, we purchased with the idea to immediately replace the kitchen, a process we were sure we didn’t want to endure while living in the home. We just knew that the demolition and construction of our upgraded kitchen would be a huge inconvenience, but boy were we wrong! The process was a breeze, we talked with Maz about what we would like to see in our new kitchen. He listened attentively, noted our preferred finishes, and showed us our new kitchen, we knew exactly what to expect, and got exactly what we wanted! We’re no longer walking into the past, thanks Maz.
– Parmjeet, Handsworth Wood, Birmingham

I am a chef, I love to cook, and the kitchen is my “man cave!” Naturally I wanted to experience the same joys of cooking at home, as I do for my restaurant clientele. I knew what I wanted, I just didn’t know where to begin, I just wanted to have my kitchen transform into something parallel to my ideas, but Chris was able to remove the guesswork and designed a kitchen fit for a king! Now, I’d rather be cooking at home. Thanks guys.
– Cameron, Wylde Green, Sutton Coldfield

My tap leaked, my dishwasher rumbled, and my worktops were chipped. I said goodbye to the Chipboard and hello to quartz worktops! I said goodbye to a leaky tap and hello to brand new hardware! I even said goodbye to my rumbling dishwasher and hello to a range of new appliances, all while saving time and money, Thanks Kitchenmatic!
– Brenda, Pheasey, Sutton Coldfield

I love my kitchen, but hated my cabinets. It was dated and faded, simply begging to be replaced. Chris at Kitchenmatic was able to design the perfect look for my new cabinets, and installed them less than a week later! Now, I really LOVE my kitchen! Thanks Chris.
– Margaret, Shirley, Birmingham

As my family grew, I needed more space. After contacting Kitchenmatic, we got just what we needed by adding a new island and a breakfast bar area to our large kitchen. Thanks Jay!
– Mrs Chohan, Edgbaston, Birmingham

Six months after having my kitchen upgraded by Kitchenmatic, I needed some advice on stain removal for my new worktops. I had remembered what I wasn’t supposed to use on the worktops, but wasn’t sure what I could use to remove the large red wine stain on my new white worktops. The guys were helpful and made enquiries with the manufacturer to give me the info I needed to remove the stains. Thanks for saving my sanity and worktops!
– Mrs Powell, Stourbridge

I was in the market for some kitchen remodeling,but at the moment,I was really just shopping around for estimates. I didn’t intend to purchase right away, and made that know upon contacting companies for the estimate, rather I was pricing the work so I could prepare financially to undertake the work in the near future. Most companies lost interest as soon as they learned of my situation, everyone except Kitchenmatic. They were willing to talk, listen, provide advice, and were even willing to come out and give me accurate measurements, material needs, a quote, and a 3D design of the new kitchen! While I wasn’t ready to purchase in the moment, I will surely take into consideration all the effort and interest of Kitchenmatic when I am prepared to undertake the project. Thank you for your personal attention!
– Helen, Selly Oak, Birmingham

I didn’t need a whole new kitchen, I loved the one I had it just needed to be improved slightly to be all that I wanted. I received estimates from several companies, but selected Kitchenmatic because they were knowledgeable and explained their estimate. They weren’t going to charge me for more than I actually needed or wanted, and weren’t trying to convince me of a full kitchen. Jay was very helpful and polite and I felt comfortable dealing with him. Thanks for meeting my needs
– Charlene, Stechford, Birmingham

I was grateful to Chris for my new kitchen, from the first phone call requesting an estimate, through to the completion of the work, and any questions I’ve had since, they’ve been courteous and professional. They truly deliver an experience that is unique, personal, and memorable. Thanks again.
– Mary, Kidderminster

Thank you Kitchenmatic for minimizing disruptions to our daily lives during the work to our kitchen! We’ve been through construction projects with other areas of our home, that didn’t go quite as planned. We’ve been squeezed into small spaces, pushed into corners, and left with a huge mess to clean up. While expecting our kitchen job to cause inconvenience, we’re pleased to be thanking you for making it the easiest project we’ve completed! Your crew left our home free of debris, we could barely tell they were ever even there, with the exception of the phenomenal work completed of course. Keep up the good work!
– Mr & Mrs Khan, Hodge Hill, Birmingham

I had an overly problematic kitchen, the kind you simply avoid at all costs, something you’d likely remember from a horror show somewhere. It was dark, dingy, and falling apart at the seams. Or at least to me it was. I longed for a kitchen of beauty and elegance, slow-close drawers and cabinets, the things featured in Home & Garden magazine… Thanks to Kitchenmatic I have it!!
– Lisa, Kings Heath, Birmingham

I’m a real-estate investor, I buy homes, fix them up, and relist them for sale or rent. I’ve worked with many contractors for my kitchen repair and remodeling needs, but none that are as professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated as Kitchenmatic. My first project with them went off without a hitch, and every following project has received the same attention! I’ve found my go-to kitchen company, for all things kitchen large or small! Thanks Maz.
– Suki, Bearwood, Birmingham